m o n t h l y b o u q u e t s

what is it?

one medium-sized hand-tied bouquet. each bouquet is beautifully wrapped and fastened with coordinating ribbon. hand-drawn tags also tell you what types of flowers are featured in your bouquet!

how does it work?

an email will be sent out once a month (usually a week out) to see if you're interested in receiving a bouquet. the date is predetermined.

can i pick certain flowers to be included?

unfortunately no. we approach our bouquets with seasonality, availability, and freshness in mind. local flowers are sourced whenever possible. bouquets differ from month to month for you to experience a variety of blooms!

do you offer pet-safe bouquets?

unfortunately we do not! we have a cat who loves ferns and loves to smell the roses from time to time. general rule: keep flowers out of reach from pets. they are curious little creatures!

do i have to commit to a certain number of months?

nope! pay as you go!

is there a delivery fee?

free delivery within a 2-mile radius from porter square in cambridge, ma. outside of that, within the boston neighborhood, we charge a $5 flat fee for delivery. pick up is also available!

do i have to be home to receive my flowers?

nope! if you have special requests i.e. leave flowers with a neighbor or leave flowers in the backyard, we're happy to do so! during the extreme cold and heat, we work with you to pin point a time that works best for delivery.

how do you keep the flowers hydrated during transportation and delivery?

we use eco-wraps to keep your flowers fresh and well hydrated. they are reusable and 100% compostable. if you prefer, leaving a jar/bucket of water outside your home is a bonus :)

this all sounds great! how do i sign up?

send us an email: hello@whimsybylindsey.com or send us a dm on instagram: @whimsybylindsey